The statutes of the Alumni Association grant membership to all students, teachers and house principals of SS, SHL and SSHL (unless they declare to be outside the Association). You become automatically a member, if you do not refuse the membership yourself when you graduate.

Those who pay the annual fee and enter their current address will receive the Association's magazine Suum Cuique - Vi och Vårt, which is currently published with one issue per year, as well as a notice to the Annual General Meeting, at which only paying members have voting rights.

The membership will also make it possible for your to be invited to Alumni events that accur yearly or find your old class mates.

You can do the registration here.

Annual fee

The annual fee is currently SEK 300 per year. Continuous membership is offered at SEK 2,000, regardless of vintage. New students pay SEK 1,500.

The annual fee is deposited on bank giro 281-2790. You can use SWISH with number 1235278940. You who live abroad can arrange transfers through Handelsbanken as follows: IBAN: SE88 6000 0000 0004 1888 1138, BIC: HANDSESS. Address Handelsbanken, Hamngatan 5, 271 43 Ystad.


You can also pay via autogiro. Visit your internet bank and search for Sigtuna Fördettingförbund from the recipients who offer this convenient service.

When paying, it is important that you clearly state your name, address, school, year of departure and what year the fee applies.

If you want to pay a little more, the excess amount goes in full to the Association's Scholarship Fund.