Book being created about our iconic Aula building

A commemorative book, Aula Memories, is being planned to celebrate the iconic Aula building, our assembly hall, which tragically burnt down on March 1st, this year.

The book will combine some of the official history of the building as well as capture people’s own individual memories from events that have been held in our Aula over the years.

Past and present attendees and partners of the school are invited to contribute their own images and memories online. A number of these images would then be used in the final printed book. 

A Facebook group has been created called SSHL Aulan: Memories, as a way of connecting people to the project. Those who would like to share memories and photos are welcome to join the group, see link below.

Mrs Carina Nilsson, Principal/CEO, SSHL:

– I am truly moved by the tremendous support and kind offers of help which the school has received from so many people, locally, in Sweden and abroad. We have sadly lost our beloved Aula but the memories the building held are what matters most. This is why we are grateful for Julian Stubb’s initiative to create the SSHL Aula memory book with the help of his team at UP. Together, we hope to capture those many memories from students, alumni, parents, staff and what the SSHL Aula meant to Sigtuna and our community, which will create a lasting memory for us all.

The creative work, design and writing is being sponsored and organised by international Branding, Marketing and Digital agency UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, based in Stockholm. The Founder and CEO, Julian Stubbs, has a son at the school, who is due to graduate this year. 

Julian Stubbs:

– Like everyone I was really saddened by the fire. All of us who have a connection with the school have had the same reaction. There have been so many happy memories and events held in Aulan it’s important we don’t just remember it for the fire. So we decided to help by creating a book commemorating the building, and people’s memories.’

The book will be in both Swedish and English. 

For your contributions, please join the facebook group or send your pictures and memories via email to:

For more information: 

Eva Nilsson Lindin
+46 (0)76 881 1028

Förbundet Sigtunafördettingar
Jeanette van Reis

+46 (0)70 811 2031

Julian Stubbs, CEO
+46 (0)70 655 7479