About the Association

Annual meeting

The Association's Annual Meeting is usually arranged at SSHL during the month of May. Standing program points are Korum and the Annual General Meeting. Otherwise, the program may contain lectures, information about the school and the school's development or any other relevant issues. Notice is sent out via e-mail to everyone who keeps the Association informed of their address.

Membership Directory

One of our most important and perhaps most difficult tasks is to manage the Association's membership register. About 13,000 members from the three schools are included in the register. The register is updated regularly  with the information that comes in from the members. In order to maintain good quality of the register, and thus be able to provide members with up-to-date information about schoolmates and classmates, it is important that all members inform the Association about any change of contact details. If you are a new user, register here. If you are already registered as a user, log in here.

DEKAD - Decade Anniversary / Alumni day

Once a year, the Association, together with the decade anniversary classes, organise an anniversary event at SSHL. One Saturday, early May, which fits the school's schedule, the alumni year classes in Sigtuna gather. We walk around the school, enjoy musical entertainment, refreshments, photography and gatherings on the Midgård stairs. Members who do not celebrate the anniversary are also welcome to participate in this all-day event.

Scholarships and awards

In order to support increased student recruitment to the school, the Alumni Association has established a scholarship to be awarded to a student, selected by the school. The scholarship is intended to cover part of the school fee and will initially be distributed over three years with SEK 70,000 p.a.

Elsa Kjederqvist's scholarship is paid annually to two specially noted school students. We know that the scholarship is very welcome, which is why we appeal to you to contribute to the fund with a generous grant. Read more about Elsa Kjederqvist's scholarship here.

The Alumni Association's Honorary Prize was awarded for the first time in 2000 in connection with the school's spring graduation. This scholarship goes to a staff member, who made an extraordinary contribution to the school during the year. Read more about the Honorary Prize here.