About Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is a close collaboration between the school and the Alumni Association.

Purpose and goal

The purpose of the program is to strengthen the links between school and business / working life and to show students what different opportunities can be found in higher education and in working life. By offering the student the opportunity to share the mentors' personal experiences, a generational cross-learning and an expanded network are created for all participants.

The goal is for SSHL to provide something more than a fantastic education but also a door to our own network during your time at the school. The possibility of mentoring will give you and your selected student a lot of meaning which, definitely should be another reason for choosing SSHL.


The program is intended to be enriching for both mentor and adept, to inspire cross border learning with the opportunity for networking and new contacts. All work in the mentorship program is entirely pro bono.

The program runs during a school year with some common activities for the whole group, interspersed with own meetings and contacts between the respective mentor and student. The activity will be ongoing during the academic year and the contact between student and mentor should be regular. The joint meetings include lectures, workshops, study visits, etc.

The application and selection of personal interviews take place every year during April-May. The matching of mentor and student is made during the summer, before the program starts in September. The final mentorship program meeting is usually held in April/May under festive forms with some form of presentation and a diploma ceremony.

For more information and if you have any questions or concerns, please find all the contact information below.

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